2018 Reserves Premiers


Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 9.4.58 defeated Bridgewater 7.7.49
Goals: C. Milroy 3, T. Woolhouse 1, G. Birt 1, D. Mann 1, M. Dingwall 1, A. Harper 1, B. Fawcett 1.
Pony Award: G. Birt. National Hotel Award: D. Tonkin. Victoria Hotel Award: B. Fawcett. Others: C. Milroy, T. Woolhouse, N. Moon, L. Southern, D. Mann, M. Stewart.

Bendigo Advertiser Report – https://www.bendigoadvertiser.com.au/story/5647563/lvfnl-grand-final-pyramid-hill-ends-bridgewaters-run-of-reserves-flags/?cs=81

Bendigo Umpires Association Report 

The boys set the scene for us with this image before the start of the game. David said the weather made it hard to umpire because of the wind and rain. For the players it took away the great spectacle that could have been and made the contest between the teams scrappy in parts. While the spectators gathered tightly under the covers the wind was headed straight for the town.

While the weather made exceptional play challenging, David said that Pyramid Hill was the stand out because they had a team effort happening around the ground where as Bridgwater seemed not to. Aaron said that Pyramid knew how to play to the conditions that little bit better and took advantage of the wind.

Gervase Birt from Pyramid Hill was awarded the Best on Ground. David said he constantly got the hard ball and played for the team.

While players win each week for the chance to play in a grand final, umpires work hard all season to be selected for the same great occasion. Umpires think it was great to be selected for this game.

For the team on the day Aaron said they had great communication which kept the team together. David agreed they worked well together with constant changeover between the field umpires to keep on the ball, this made easy to umpire. The team isn’t complete without the boundary and goal umpires and they had a tough day on the job too. Throw ins were challenging and the flight of the ball was difficult to read.



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