Round 8 – Pyramid Hill v Calivil


Our boys bounced back well this week with a 123 point win over Calivil. The oppositions pressure around the contest was fierce, but we stayed composed, finding our way out of packs by hand and moving the ball well. We put 3 goals on the board in the first quarter, followed by 4 in the second and 3 in the third. In the final quarter we took advantage of the strong breeze blowing our way and piled on 8 more majors. Ed Caburnay was almost hospitalised with a severe case of leather poisoning after his 11 goals, while Kobe Schmidt’s arms were aching after taking multiple contested grabs. Zac Dingwall and Matt Farrell were their usual selves, racking up plenty of possessions and executing disposals efficiently. This week as we face Newbridge, we will look to further improve our ball movement and composure around stoppages.
Final Scores:  Pyramid Hill 18.16.124 defeated Calivil 0.1.1
Goals: Ed Caburnay 11, Tain Piercy 2, Matt Carroll 1, Raiden Forster 1, Mitch Gunther 1,
Taynan Richardson 1, Ryan Salvador 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: Ed Caburnay. Millers Ag Award: Kobe Schmidt. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Zac Dingwall. Special Award: Matt Farrell. Others: Mitch Gunther, Carlos Ly, Ryan Salvador, Tain Piercy, Brad Moon, A. Sakizlis, Taynan Richardson.
It was an absolute great start to the game with the boys out of the blocks early.  Mitch “De Goey” Dingwall and Louis “Vuitton” Lowndes put on a forward show masterclass.  They kicked 11 goals between them but with the form they were in it could have been 20, it was very special to watch.  Sam “The Parcel” Mewett was clearly best on ground, he was everywhere getting bulk inside hard ball but then spreading to the outside to set up his team mates. Chris “Big Boy” Milroy provided plenty of run for the boys and slotted a solid 3 goals himself.  Tommy “Pots” Walker was a bull on the inside and his handballs were unbelievable, he is in great form.  It’s great to see how well the boys are playing as a team and hopefully we can keep the momentum rolling into next week.  Woof Woof #upthe2s.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 15.16.106 defeated Calivil 2.1.13
Goals: Mitch Dingwall 6, Louis Lowndes 5, Chris Milroy 3, Sam Mewett 1.
National Hotel Award: Sam Mewett. Victoria Hotel Award: Louis Lowndes. Good Sports Award: Mitch Dingwall. BCF Voucher: Tom Walker.  Others: Chris Milroy, Xav Ryan, Ryan Watson, Nathan Moon.
A tough game where the boys started well but saw the match tighten up by half time.  To the boys credit they dug deep and eventually came away with a solid win.  Gavin “Ego” James was all class and was clearly best on ground, how he hasn’t been picked up in the AFL staggers me.  Stevie “Smooth” Gunther was very clinical, while others were fumbling he had smooth one touch grabs, boy oh boy he’s exciting to watch.  Young Jimmy Sala and Scott :”The Betterman” Mann both had stand out games getting bulk inside to outside balls and setting up the play.  Dylan “The Truck” Tonkin was a machine down back with great intercept marks and spoils, he doesn’t take a step back.  Adrain “Dutchie” Holland gave the midfield solid service all day.  Woof Woof #upthe1s.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 13.19.97 defeated Calivil 10.5.65
Goals: Bailey George 2, Braidy Dickens 2, Billy Micevski 1, Jack Hickmott 1, Scott Mann 1, Adrian McErvale 1, Steven Gunther 1, Ben Dalton 1, Jack Woodward 1, Gavin James 1, Jake Willcocks 1.
Victoria Hotel Award: Gavin James. National Hotel Award: Steven Gunther. Others: Jimmy Sala, Dylan Tonkin, Adrian Holland, Scott Mann, Andrew Dobby, Matthew Klien-Breteler, Jake Willcocks.
7 Vs Calivil 2019 1804 (2)
The mini Pups had a great game against Calivil with 6 quarters that showed the girls’ fantastic netball skills that are improving every week. They had fun despite the windy conditions and were eager to jump off the court to check out the Discovery Centre Science display that was showcased at Mitchell Park in Pyramid Hill. A special mention to Alina, Laura and Cecily for their awesome effort on the court.
UNDER 13’s
The young Dogettes started the game strongly, but the rest of the match saw some stumbles and missed goals. But, despite this, the Pyramid girls tried their hardest and in the end Calivil was too strong with Calivil 23 df Pyramid Hill 12. Carolyn Fergusson was the little star of the day.
UNDER 15’s
It was a sunny day at Mitchell Park in Pyramid Hill and the under 15’s girls ran onto the court fiery and ready to go. They held a strong lead throughout the match with accurate goal shooting and fantastic intercepts. Well done girls on a great game. Calivil 27 df by Pyramid Hill 45. Best on was awarded to Kearly and Erin.
UNDER 17’s
The Pyramid girls were ready to go, despite having Jordy and Liv out, but they knew they were going to be up for a fight. The first half saw amazing game play, but unfortunately the Calivil girls fought stronger and the young Pups went down but kept their heads up throughout the match. Better luck next time girls and thank you to Kearley Stone for stepping up and playing a great game. Calivil 58 df Pyramid Hill 33. Best on was awarded to Jorja and Kara.
In perfect conditions, Pyramid and Calivil both took to the court determined to bring home a win. The rebound queens, Hayley and Milly set the Dogettes up with numerous opportunities, though Calivil’s speed across the whole court was difficult to keep up with. The last half saw Pyramid come back fighting, slightly closing the gap and showing what they were capable of and challenged the Calivil girls until the very end. Calivil 65 df Pyramid Hill 37. The award was given to Hayley Hipwell for her consistent defensive pressure throughout the whole game.
The Dogettes started strong, with goals sinking in every time by Amy and Georgia and everyone worked extremely hard up and down the court. The defenders played hard and worked well for rebounds and the midcourt worked tirelessly to keep the flow of the game. Unfortunately the Pyramid girls faced a tough match and saw Calivil 60 df Pyramid Hill 30.
Feeling unsure about how the game was going to play out, the C grade girls went out firing. Falling short in the first quarter, the girls were shaken but wanted to show what they had. The second quarter revealed to be scrappy, but Coach Kell made a couple of position changes for the last half. As if Jess “Super Mum” Zimmer doesn’t work hard enough off the court managing her twin boys – she had her work cut out for her and consistently shut down the Calivil shooters who were on fire. Georgia “Wait, I don’t play goals” Holland worked extremely well in the ring, supported by Kara “Stepping up to Seniors” Farrell and Mikayla “What does the C bib stand for” McMahon. A hard fought game with an unfortunate result, Calivil 33 df Pyramid Hill 20. Loz “Consistent” Gould was rewarded best on for running beautifully in WA.
The Ressie girls were determined for a win against Calivil and came out onto the court firing. Jan and Tylah worked well in the ring, with Tylah the “Rebound Queen” always making sure she followed through after a missed goal. The defence were incredible with Emma “Always Consistent” Murfitt and Kirsty Twigg shining in the ring, placing pressure on the Calivil girls. The girls were strong the entire game and never put their heads down, they were up in the third quarter and went goal for goal in the last quarter. Unfortunately, Calivil came out the end stronger and took home the win. Great effort from the Ressie girls once again. Calivil 29 df Pyramid Hill 26. Best on was awarded to Emma Murfitt.
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