2021 President’s Report

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2021 President’s Report

With the 2020 season canceled, we welcomed the start of the 2021 season with hope and excitement.

I would like to start by thanking all who contribute to PHFNC for their commitment and efforts in the 2021 season. It was disappointing to be unable to finish it off as we hoped with the cancellation of the finals series due to Covid outbreaks in Victoria, however, we are extremely proud of each and everyone’s effort.

The year has seen many outstanding results ‘off field’ and the strength of the Board and football, netball and catering committees working together for the benefit of our community continues to impress me.

I would like to acknowledge my fellow Board members and thank them for their continued commitment and support; Gabrielle Kent (Secretary), Gavin James (Treasurer) Leigh Forster (Football Operations), Debbie Dingwall (Netball Operations), Robert Moon (Bar Manager), Lorraine Dingwall (Catering), Geoff Burke and  Hayley Hipwell. I would also like to make note of the huge contribution of the netball, football and catering individual sub-committee members.

Together with Mitchell Park we are working towards a new electronic scoreboard and hope that this project will be finalised in the coming season.

The pre-season was full of optimism and we thank our players and coaches for their dedication the whole way through. Special thanks to our football Coaches: Adrian McErvale, Nathan Fitzpatrick, and Steve Donat for taking on their jobs with great commitment and passion. As Adrian is retiring from coaching, I take this opportunity to wish Adrian well and thank him for his huge contribution over the past years. Nathan and Steve have been reappointed for the 2022 season. A very big thank you to our netball coaches; Zoe Kennedy, Abbey Dingwall, Jessica Zimmer, Leanne Gibson, Deb Forster and Marie Scott for their tireless efforts in training and coaching their teams.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for your invaluable support.  Where possible we strongly encourage our members to support these businesses.

Luckily, amidst Covid restrictions and lockdowns we were able to hold our Annual Ball and Goods and Services Auction. Attendance at both of these events were fantastic and post-Covid we recognise the role our Club plays in keeping people connected and promoting positive wellbeing.

Special mention must go to all our wonderful volunteers who are the life blood of our Club. They do a great job every week, always willing to offer a helping hand to ensure we have all teams on the park.  Without these people the Club would find it difficult to exist. As we know, football and netball clubs are the heart and soul of small communities like ours, and in return our community is central to the club’s success.  Whether you are listening for scores on the radio, sponsoring a team award, waving flags or helping out in the canteen on match day, we value the community’s ongoing commitment.  We can always use more volunteers and look forward to increasing our membership next year. If you would like to get involved in any aspect of our football or netball club please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any members of the board.

Finally, I thank you for placing your trust in me over the past years as your President. I have enjoyed the experience, challenge and working with you all in making our Club the best club possible, particularly through these unprecedented times.

Bring on 2022!


Bruce Moon

PHFNC President

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