Round 10 – Pyramid Hill v Newbridge

Last week marked the start of the second half of the season and with the U/18’s being the only football team to bring the 4 points home things didn’t go as we had hoped.  Nevertheless there are always lessons to learn from a lose and hopefully we can reflect on these lessons and be backContinue reading “Round 10 – Pyramid Hill v Newbridge”

Round 7 – Pyramid Hill v Calivil

Our trip down the road to Calivil saw our Under 18’s come home with a convincing win with Raids kicking the last goal before the final siren.  The Reserves continued with their winning streak but unfortunately the Seniors started slowly and  we were forced to play catch up in a game where the reigning Premiers outplayedContinue reading “Round 7 – Pyramid Hill v Calivil”

Round 6 – Pyramid Hill v Bridgewater

The sun was shining and a big day at the Hill awaited us all as we hosted Bridgewater where 2 v’s 4, 1 v’s 2 and 1 v’s 3 in their respective grades of football.  The day certainly didn’t disappoint as we took the four points from all 3 games.  Our young pups started theContinue reading “Round 6 – Pyramid Hill v Bridgewater”

Round 5 – Inglewood v Pyramid Hill

A true taste of winter greeted us upon arrival at Inglewood and had everyone including the footballers wondering just where the football would end up after leaving the boot.  Conditions remained the same throughout the day and resulted in a pretty scrappy affair across all 3 games although we will gladly take home the 3 wins. UnderContinue reading “Round 5 – Inglewood v Pyramid Hill”

Round 4 – Pyramid Hill v Mitiamo

The only thing arguably more exciting than our seniors being 4 and zip into a season where we’d been written off, was the reintroduction of our half-time game for the little tackers of our club. It was uplifting to see 30 of our next generation kids out there putting the skills they’ve been learning eachContinue reading “Round 4 – Pyramid Hill v Mitiamo”

Round 3 – Michael Herrick Memorial Round (v Marong)

MICHAEL HERRICK MEMORIAL ROUND This year for the Michael Herrick Memorial Round, the Marong FNC came up with the brilliant idea of both clubs teaming up to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation in honour of Michael Herrick, who lost his life to this horrible disease. Through spinning wheel raffles held at the pub lastContinue reading “Round 3 – Michael Herrick Memorial Round (v Marong)”

Round 2 – Unveiling the 2017 Premiership Flags at Mitchell Park (v BL Serp)

UNVEILING THE 2017 PREMIERSHIP FLAGS Our A Grade netballers and 18 & Under footballers were presented with their Premiership Flags from the LVFNL. 2017 A grade Coach Deb and Best-On Court (and 2018 A Grade Coach) Zoe Kennedy had the privilege of raising the A Grade flag, while Coach Nathan Fitzpatrick and 2017 Captain BaileyContinue reading “Round 2 – Unveiling the 2017 Premiership Flags at Mitchell Park (v BL Serp)”

Season Opener – Round 1 against Newbridge

Welcome to a new season with our PHFNC Season Opener Newsletter Our season opener saw us travel to Newbridge where the weather was no where near as warm as the welcome message on the bottom of Newbridge’s new electronic scoreboard!  The wind and rain certainly reminded us that this is a winter sport and had usContinue reading “Season Opener – Round 1 against Newbridge”