Round 13 – Mitiamo v Pyramid Hill

I’m not sure there was too much disappointment that the U/18’s didn’t have a game, especially on a day where the frost was so severe one could have been forgiven for thinking they had woken up at Falls Creek,  The sun did, however, greet us upon arrival at Mitiamo as the Reserves took to the ground.  The end result unfortunately being Mitiamo snatching the 4 four points in the final seconds of the game.  The Seniors game was a close knit affair until late in the 4th term where we were able to grab a couple of quick goals allowing us to run out victors by 12 points.

The boys had a disappointing day at the office.  A  terrible start had Mitiamo kicking 4 goals to nothing at quarter time.

It was a much better 2nd half from the boys, even able to get 1 point ahead in the last quarter but sadly Mitiamo kicked the last goal of the game to win it.
Better players were Dylan “spiritual leader” Tonkin who had another good captains game, Brad “age has no limits” Fawcett did his thing down in the backline, Lewis “high flying superstar” played as a key target up forward setting up key plays.
Today’s loss has put us back in the pack and has shown a few worrying signs, blokes will have to commit to the club and take care of themselves on and off the field.

Final Scores:  Pyramid Hill 6.8.44 lost to Mitiamo 7.7.49
Goals: A. Harper 2, N. Moon 2, B. Hancock 1, L. Lowndes 1.
Pony Award: D. Tonkin. Egan Taylor Award: B. Fawcett. National Hotel Award: L. Lowndes. Victoria Hotel Award: M. Scott. Club Award: X. Ryan. Others: C. Milroy, A. Harper, G. Birt, N. Moon.

A must win clash against the Superoos beckoned and the boys were keen to show the form that we produced in the early parts of the season.  It was a scrappy first quarter and we trailed by 5 points with Mitiamo’s inaccuracy keeping us in the game.  Miti smashed us in the clearances in the second term and increased their margin to 17 points at the main break. After half time though we came out firing and the boys turned it on, moving the ball fluently and applying quality pressure around the contest.  It was a tough slog in the final term but we came out on top in yet another close finish.  Fitzy had the ball on a string kicking 5 goals in a best on ground performance whilst Stevie Gunther just did what Stevie Gunther does!

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 13.5.83 defeated Mitiamo
Goals: N. Fitzpatrick 5, M. Cheesman 2, L. Carroll, T. Smart 1, S. Gunther 1, M. Klein-Breteler, A. Holland.
Egan Taylor Award: N. Fitzpatrick. Victoria Hotel Award: S. Gunther. National Hotel Award: L. Carroll. Others: Gav James, B. Driscoll, T. Barri, M. Klein-Breteler, B. Goodwin.

Off to a strong start, the Minis pushed to get in front and received fantastic intercepts. The girls had incredible defence and shot lots of goals in attack. The defensive pressure continued all throughout the game. Well done girls, keep it up. Awards went to Kassidy Wagner and Charli Bone.
It was a great game played by all of the girls. Mitiamo’s defence was great but the Doggies worked hard to get the ball down the court. The girls in goals worked hard the whole match while the defenders down the court stuck tight to the opposition and obtained fantastic intercepts. There was impressive work in the midcourt, passing the ball beautifully into the ring. Awards went to Imogen Broad, Zoe Stewart and Ally Burke. Pyramid Hill 56 defeated Mitiamo 13.
The 17’s started the game knowing they were in for a tough match. The first quarter saw the Doggies demonstrating great teamwork – giving them a 4 goal lead. In the second quarter, the Miti girls came out firing, but the Doggies managed to stay focused when heading into the second half holding the lead with one goal. The rest of the match was played beautifully, with impressive intercepts, accurate shooting and fantastic defence. With an intense final minutes, it wasn’t quite enough and at the final whistle blow it was a nail biting draw. Fantastic effort by Jordann Broad and Liv Hampson, awarded best on. Pyramid Hill 51 Mitiamo 51.
A Grade
The Doggies came out with great intensity and fought hard for the ball at every opportunity. Throughout the game, the girls never put their heads down and there was great encouragement to each other at every pass. The girls should be proud of how well they played against Miti this round compared to their previous 27 goal loss. Great game girls! Best on for the match was Delainey Holmes. Pyramid Hill 44 defeated by Mitiamo 51.
B Grade
With great determination, the girls were eager to keep their winning streak alive. It was a close fight during the first half – Doggies being in the lead by 3 at half time. The second half saw everyone step up and play their role to the best of their ability and came home with a strong win! Amazing effort girls. Best on was awarded to Hayley Hipwell. Pyramid Hill 46 defeated Mitiamo 38.
C Grade
The C grade girls came out strong in the first quarter and moved the ball down the court well with great leads and strong passages of play. There was great teamwork but the pressure was on by the Mitiamo girls. The Doggies kept their heads up the entire game but unfortunately, Mitiamo came out on top. Eimer Draper was awarded best on for her fantastic game play and having a run in C. Pyramid Hill 32 defeated by Mitiamo 63.
C Reserve
Doggies VS Roos on a lovely Saturday morning saw the sun warming up the court. The Ressie girls were very strong and played their best game this season. They rocked the court defeating Mitiamo 50 – 29. Mikayla McMahon and Katelyn Wandin worked beautifully in the goal ring, shooting from far and ride and Loz Barone got herself best on for the match.
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