Round 5 – Inglewood v Pyramid Hill

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A true taste of winter greeted us upon arrival at Inglewood and had everyone including the footballers wondering just where the football would end up after leaving the boot.  Conditions remained the same throughout the day and resulted in a pretty scrappy affair across all 3 games although we will gladly take home the 3 wins.

Under 18

In some very blustery conditions, we kicked with the breeze in the first term and struggled to make the most of our opportunities. We picked the right options with our ball movement but our execution was far from perfect, however we took a 17 point lead into quarter time. The remainder of the game continued as a tough slog but the boys held the momentum and maintained control for the entire game. We persevered and continued with our structures and the margin gradually blew out to a 58 point victory. Reece Blake continued his fine form up forward booting 7 majors whilst Mitch Stephens was again exceptional in the middle.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 10.12. 72 defeated Inglewood 2.2.14

Goals: R. Blake 7, D. Goulding 1, M. Stephens 1, B. Gallagher 1.

Brett Hercus Award: M. Stephens. Millers Ag Award: R. Blake. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Z. Dingwall. Special Award: L. Dillion, M. Farrell, D. Goulding.


This week the boys were looking at making it 4 in a row, the windy conditions made things tough for both teams. The first 3 quarters the boys were in control across the ground, playing a fast-paced game. The last quarter wasn’t pretty from either side, playing more kick to kick, but in the end the boys won by 32 points.

Better players for the day were Ross “Dwayne the Rock” James playing his first game for the year, providing plenty of 1 percent efforts. Brad “U turn” Fawcett played across half back, providing run after run showing the kids how it’s done, Chris “Clark Kent” Milroy snagged 5 goals proving that he is the real superman and Jack “Justin Bieber” Hickmott had his best game for the year playing mid and forward, his constant pressure across the ground was amazing.

With this win the reserves are on top of the ladder but have some challenging games coming up the next few weeks.

#upthe2’s #2’saroundthe1’s

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 9.6.60 defeated Inglewood 4.4.28

Goals: C. Milroy 5, J. Ritchie 2, D. Mann 1, R. Watson 1.

Pony Award: R. James, Egan Taylor Award: B. Fawcett. National Hotel Award: C. Milroy. Victoria Hotel Award: M. Stewart. Others: M. Moon, M. Dingwall, J. Hickmott


Our defence and pressure has been phenomenal in the opening four rounds and we knew we needed to bring that again to notch up the Win. The first half was a very even contest with the wind swirling and neither side could penetrate inside their forward 50. Our goal kicking efficiency has been first class so far this season but that couldn’t have been further from the truth as we went into three quarter time having kicked 4.15. The last quarter was when we asserted our dominance on the contest kicking six unanswered goals to finish with a 53 point win. A hard-fought, scrappy contest but we got the points and head into the Interleague break with an unblemished record. #upthedogs #getonned.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 10.17.77 defeated Inglewood 3.6.24

Goals: Gav James 3, B. Micevski 3, A. McErvale 2, Glen James 1, P. Micevski 1.

Egan Taylor Award: B. Dalton. Victoria Hotel Award: S. Gunther. National Hotel Award: A. McErvale. Others: A. Dobby, J. Woodward, Gav James, R. Thiesz, B. Micevski, A. Holland, B. Driscoll, L. Lowndes.

Under 13’s

It was perfect winter conditions at Inglewood, the cool and gusty winds were out to test our bowl throwing accuracy. Inglewood showed strong defence and our girls enjoyed the challenge of great competition. The little star of the day was Charlie Bone.

Under 15’s

Inglewood was our toughest opposition so far this season, but the 15&U girls adjusted well to the windy conditions to be doubling Inglewood’s score at half time. The wind meant shooting was a challenge but the goalies rebounded well. There was excellent pressure applied by the defenders with some great intercepts by Ally in GK and Zoe’s arms-over defence was impassable at times and she picked up some excellent intercepts in the mid-court. The teams versatility was shown by multiple position changes in the last quarter and fantastic pressure by the Doggies caused errors by the opposition with Pyramid Hill coming out on top 34 to Inglewood’s 23. The awards went to Zoe Stewart and Ally Burke. Well done girls!

Under 17’s

Today was a learning curve for the 17&U girls. They took it to the court with a positive attitude and the determination to go their hardest. Sadly the girls began to fall behind in scoring but that didn’t stop them from pushing through. This game has taught the Pyramid girls to never put their heads down and focus on their own game play, no matter what the outcome of the score is. Today’s game showed great effort and hard work by Jorja Moon and Maddy Wagner. Pyramid Hill 33 defeated by Inglewood 55.

C Reserve

The Ressie Girls went onto the court very confident but were put back in their place after only scoring 1 goal in the first quarter. Like the wise Shannon Noll once said, Coach Kell quoted, “You’ve gotta lift!” and the Doggies began their climb. The two Loz’s, Barone and Gould fed into the goals quickly and accurately and it wasn’t long before Mikayla ‘Injury Prone’ McMahon went down and Zoe ‘Always Reliable’ Webb came on firing. Defence grew stronger and stronger with Kelly ‘Rebound God’ Gould claiming best on for the game with her leading the charge to another nail biting win. Pyramid Hill 23 defeated Inglewood 20.

C Grade

The wind was out at Inglewood and the girls took the court against a tough Inglewood side. The Pyramid girls started slow but kept fighting hard against the opposition. Becca Gunther in centre was strong through the mid court keeping the pressure up and with Morgan Bellinger, they both continuously encouraged the girls. Casey Kent dominated in defence and was best on for the game. Inglewood won 49 to 28.

B Grade

The Pyramid girls started off well with a 2 goal lead at quarter time and as the team picked up momentum, they had a 7 goal lead at half time. With some changes in the third quarter, the Doggies kept their lead with some fantastic game play down the court. Inglewood had position changes in the fourth quarter which rattled the Pyramid girls and with an exciting end to the game, the Doggies took the game by 1 goal. With her amazing defending, Hayley Hipwell stood out in today’s game. Pyramid Hill 41 defeated Inglewood 40.

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