Round 6 – Pyramid Hill v Bridgewater

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The sun was shining and a big day at the Hill awaited us all as we hosted Bridgewater where 2 v’s 4, 1 v’s 2 and 1 v’s 3 in their respective grades of football.  The day certainly didn’t disappoint as we took the four points from all 3 games.  Our young pups started the day with the first win followed by the Reserves and then the nail biting Senior game that had the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats until the final siren where we had managed to secure the win by only 3 points.  This set the scene for a certain amount of celebrating at the Annual Ball held that night.  It also leaves our U/18’s and Seniors with 6-0 and the Reserves 5-1 coming into Round 7 of the season.

Under 18s

The young pups started sluggishly against the Mean Machine, butchering the footy across half forward and struggling to get any fluent ball movement together. A four bounce run down the wing from Mitch Gunther set up our first goal of the day and from there we continued to grasp the momentum. It was a hard fought contest against a quality outfit but when we executed our game plan, the rewards showed on the scoreboard and we kicked away to a 32 point victory. A terrific contest and we kept our unbeaten record intact. Reece Blake kicked 4 majors and those with vote cards had a very difficult task with an even team performance across the board – Jordan Godfrey named best on ground.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 8.5.53 defeated Bridgewater 3.3.21

Goals: R. Blake 4, J. Caburnay 2, J. Hutton 1, M. Gunther 1.

Brett Hercus Transport Award: J. Godfrey. Millers Ag Supplies Award: M. Stevens. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: B. Moon. Special Award: D. Goulding. Others: C. Mayman, L. Dillon, R. Blake, M. Farrell, Z. Dingwall.


It was first versus second in the Reserves on the weekend, it was going to be a tough contest for both sides.

The boys started well, kicking 5 goals to 1 at half time and ended up continuing the momentum and winning by 27 points. Credit to the boys as the pressure was on all game and they really set up our season well.

Better players for the day: Xavier “the Ned ambassador” Ryan played on the wing providing run and dash, proving to the Ned gods that he’s worthy, Dave “the bull” Mann showed that no man can tackle the beast, breaking tackle after tackle, Mitch “doesn’t invite anyone to his 21st” Dingwall had his best game for the year doing the team thing, Jack “Tic tac” Hickman had another killer game showing he’s in contention with the Con for fastest man at Pyramid.   Last special mention goes to the man who will go in the history books as the first Reserves Ned winner and that is Ross “Ned god” James who had the most 1 percent efforts on the day. #upthe2’s #2’saroundthe1’s #uptheneds

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 8.12.60 defeated Bridgewater 5.3.33

Goals: J. Ritchie 3, C. Gibbons 1, D. Mann 2, R. Watson 1, M. Dingwall 1.

Pony Award: X. Ryan. Egan Taylor Award: D. Mann. National Hotel Award: M. Dingwall. Victoria Hotel Award: J. Hickmott. Others J. Douch, M. Stewart, G. Birt, R. James, J. Ritchie.


The first half in our clash with Bridgewater was a very even, low scoring tussle. The game was played majorly between the two fifties with both teams turning the ball over, not necessarily due to poor skills, but more frantic pressure. The game opened up slightly after the break with more run and carry shown from both sides but the even nature of the game was maintained as it was goal for goal and the Hill took a 2 point lead into the final change. Our backline were under the pump with majority of play in the Mean Machine’s forward line but we held firm. Bridgey did hit the leds but last quarter specialist Pece Micevski turned it on snagging 3 goals in the final quarter. In his long awaited return from a finger injury Cheesey kicked 4 and had a major influence on the game whilst KB was exceptional with his run and carry from half back. It was a nerve-racking final few minutes but the boys held on to a fantastic 3 point thanks to a terrific defensive tackle from Dylan Tonkin with just seconds remaining. #getonned.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 10.10.70 defeated Bridgewater 10.7.67

Goals: M. Cheesman 4, P. Micevski 3, N. Fitzpatrick 2, S. Gunther 1.

Egan Taylor Award: M. Klein Breteler. Victoria Hotel Award: S. Gunther. National Hotel Award: M. Cheesman. Others: B. Micevski, D. Tonkin, P. Micevski, Gav James, A. Holland.

Thank you to the Bridgewater trainer for all his help in the Seniors when one of our players came off injured.  Also the maternity ward has been busy delivering our next generation of Doggy players with congratulations going out to Matthew and Gemma Scott on the arrival of Pippa, Brad and Lauren Fawcett on the arrival of Alexis and Matt and Jessica Holdstock on the arrival of Freddie.

Under 15’s
After a week of rest, the girls were keen to get back on the court, determined for another win. The Pyramid girls took control of the game at the first whistle with Sammi and Kara working some beautiful moves in the goals and Imogen and Ally defending and rebounding well together. Danika and Zoe took control in the mid court. Congratulations to Erin and Isabelle for making their debut on court today, some amazing game play by both young girls. Team work was exceptional all day and the sportsmanship and encouragement that you all show is a credit to you all and your coach. Well done on another great win. Awards for the game went to Ally Burke and Imogen Broad. Pyramid Hill 48 defeated Bridgewater 26.
Under 17’s
The girls stepped on court this morning knowing it would be a tough challenge. The first quarter saw the Pyramid girls starting slow but they found their groove quickly with nice defence and shooting. After coming off at half time and down by 6, the girls were counting on wise words from Coach Karlee. The Doggies got back on the court with their heads held high and got some awesome turnovers while managing to stay within 5 points of the Bridgewater girls. The last quarter saw the Doggies struggle to bring the ball out of defence but our attacking girls and shooters were very accurate in the last minutes of the game. A Bridgewater girl took a hard fall and it gave the girls time to catch their breath and continued the best that they could in closing the gap against Bridgewater, but not quite getting in front. Stand outs for the match were Jorja Moon and Jordann Broad with Pyramid Hill 39 defeated by Bridgewater 44.
C Reserve
The Ressie girls definitely had their work cut out for them with Bridgewater. The game was goal for goal for the first half and their was fantastic team work from our defence trio Kelly ‘Super Star 1’ Gould, Jess ‘Super Star 2’ Zimmer and Em ‘Super Star 3’ Murfitt creating the opportunities for turnovers. Jules must have clocked up 100km’s running her heart out all game. What was quite a messy game between the Doggies and Bridgey, Supercoach Kell took away our best on again and led the girls to another win. All the Ressie girls should be very happy with how they are playing together, everyone is playing their role and all have plenty of to celebrate at the annual Pyramid Hill Ball. Pyramid Hill 35 defeated Bridgewater 28.
C Grade
The C grade girls came out firing against a strong Bridgewater side and scored some quick goals. Despite being down at every quarter, the Doggies never put their heads down and continued to place fantastic pressure on the opposition. Becca and Morgs ran out an awesome game, driving some beautiful passes into the ring. Izzy was fantastic in the ring, Jessa and her worked hard together to score accurately. Casey, Georgia and Caity had impressive moves down the court and the pressure continued. Georgia being a stand out with her defensive skills, she was C grade’s best on. Pyramid Hill 27 defeated by Bridgewater 43.
B Grade
With the sun shining at Pyramid Hill and determination coming from the B Grade girls, they were ready to notch up a win over the undefeated Bridgewater side. Hayley and Milly worked tirelessly against Bridgewater’s accurate shooters, while Tess’ long arms and legs around the goal ring made it difficult for the opposition to feed the ball into the ring. Megan, Amber, Chels and Deb tried their hardest in the attacking end, taking advantage of every opportunity to score. Loz Moon scored herself best on for the game and final scores were Pyramid Hill 33 defeated by Bridgewater 45. Bring on Calivil next week!
A Grade
From the first whistle blow, the girls were playing smart netball and moved the ball nicely from the defenders to the attacking end. The defenders applied amazing pressure causing many turnovers for the Doggies. With Milly going down with a serious injury and Em hurting her ankle, it meant they weren’t able to dance the night away at the ball and the Pyramid girls were down to 6 on the court for the rest of the match. The remaining girls kept their heads up and played it out tough until the end with lots of confidence. Well done to Bec McKnight for an awesome game, a great asset to the A grade side and the club. Pyramid Hill 34 defeated by Bridgewater 47.
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