Round 10 – Pyramid Hill v Newbridge

Last week marked the start of the second half of the season and with the U/18’s being the only football team to bring the 4 points home things didn’t go as we had hoped.  Nevertheless there are always lessons to learn from a lose and hopefully we can reflect on these lessons and be back on the winning track soon.

Under 18s
After a week off to stew on our first loss for the season the boys came out firing against Newbridge and piled on 7 goals to 0 in the first quarter. We got back to moving the ball with precision and applied plenty of pressure which enabled us to constantly turn the ball over and score going the other way. The margin continued to increase as the game went on and we showed just how dangerous we can be when we play our best footy. Ed Caburnay was exceptional up forward kicking 8 goals and Justyn Sawyer played his best game for the season kicking 4 and providing plenty of run and carry in a BOG performance.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 23.19.157 defeated Newbridge 0.1.1
Goals: E. Caburnay 8, M. Stephens 4, J. Sawyer 4, R. Blake 2, J. Hutton 2, L. Ross 1, M. Gunther 1, C. Cooper 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: J. Sawyer. Millers Ag Award: M. Farrell. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: M. Stepens. Special Award: E. Caburnay. Others: C. Cooper, D. Goulding, J. Hutton, J. Caburnay.

The boys were coming off the bye looking to hold the top spot on the ladder but sadly we had an unlucky day.  It was neck and neck in the 1st quarter but Newbridge slowly broke away through out the game and won by 21 points.

Better players were Ross “1 week on 1 week off” James who was a standout applying inspirational efforts for the team, Jack “Hickman heart” Hickmott provided plenty through the mid field, Gervase “rarest man on the planet” Birt killed it for the team just like he does on the puggs dance floor.
Lastly the ned award went to Matt “spoil king” Moon who did his role again down back.
Big challenge for the boys to get back on the winners list but confident we will bounce back hard.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 6.7.43 lost to Newbridge 9.10.64
Goals: G. Birt 1, J. Coates 1, C. Driscoll 1, R. James 1, K. Kerrison 1, N. Moon 1.
Pony Award: R. James. Egan Taylor Award: J. Hickmott. National Hotel Award: C. Driscoll. Victoria Hotel Award: G. Birt. Club Award: M. Moon. Others: J. Douch, M. Stewart.

A déjà vu display from the boys this week as we came up against the flag favourites. For the third match in a row we were competitive until half time – with just 7 points separating the two sides. And then a third quarter lapse allowed the Maroons to pile on six unanswered goals and blow the margin out to 48 points at three quarter time. Our pressure was non-existent and we struggled to penetrate the ball past half way. The positive to take away from the last month is that it is just one quarter of footy that has been letting us down. For three quarters our pressure has been high, our run and carry has been great and we have been playing good footy. We just need to do that for 4 quarters now…

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 7.10.52 lost to Newbridge 14.10.94
Goals: M. Cheesman 3, N. Fitzpatrick 1, A. McErval 1, T. Sala 1, J. Woodward 1.
Egan Taylor Award: M. Klein-Breteler. Victoria Hotel Award: A. Holland. National Hotel Award: M. Cheesman. Others: A. Dobby, D. Tonkin, B. Driscoll.

With all the girls back fit and well, Super Coach Adam did a great job rotating the girls throughout a magnificent game on a sunny morning at Mitchell Park. All the girls did well with many intercepts and nice passages of play. Great job by all. Stars of the match were Erin, Hayley and Kassidy.
The sun was shining in Pyramid Hill as the Pyramid girls took to the court, very keen to play Newbridge. The Doggies took off with a strong start and excellent fluency all down the court. Newbridge kept fighting back, but the Pyramid girls sped off in the second half, taking the win at Mitchell Park. Awards went to Zoe Stewart, Keeley Forster and Imogen Broad. Pyramid Hill 52 defeated Newbridge 4.
The girls came out strong, getting in front quickly in the first quarter, with accurate shooting and very tight defence throughout all of the first half. The Doggies had under 15’s on the court who were stepping up and definitely filled their role. However, our fourth quarter saw Newbridge creep up to a 12 goal difference, then down to 4 then 3, with the final score being Pyramid Hill 45 defeated by Newbridge 46. Best on went to Amy Murfitt and Olivia Hampson.
The Ressie girls were set for a challenge with a mix up of the team and Super Motivator Coach Kel was absent. Everyone had a go running through the mid court positions, with a lot of changes. It was Julez who was the stand out, with her ability to be in all of the right spots and picked up some great intercepts. The defenders created well earned turnovers by chasing rebounds and intercepts. Super Mum, Jess Zimmer, showed her class, even after a wild girls night out the night before, and took home best on for the day. Everyone stepped up, stuck together and motivated each other. Coach Kel would be very proud relaxing on the beach in QLD. Thank you to Morgan and Georgia for stepping up in Kelly’s absence to coach the girls to a win. Pyramid Hill 28 defeated Newbridge 21.
The Pyramid girls came out very determined to win against a tough Newbridge side. They fought hard, with Casey and Emma dominating in defence. Despite being down every quarter, the girls continued to fight with many turnovers, but were unlucky in scoring. Best on went to Becca Gunther, for her fantastic team work and encouraging words. A very unlucky and disappointing lose for the girls, but ready to bounce back and fight hard against Serp next week! Pyramid Hill 14 defeated by Newbridge 29.
The Pyramid girls started of strong in the first half with shooters Amber and Megan dominating in the goal ring. Newbridge made some changed in the third, but, that didn’t stop Loz, Chels and Tess bringing the ball down the court. Pyramid’s defence, Hayley and Milly, maintained great pressure until the final whistle was blown. The Pyramid girls finished off with a well deserved win and Amber Angel received best on. GO HILL! Pyramid Hill 47 defeated Newbridge 22.
From the start of the game, the Pyramid girls had a lead on Newbridge by 3 and there was some great game play. When half time came, there was a 1 goal difference and the girls continued fantastic game play with the defenders getting amazing intercepts and rebounds. The attack end had positives, however, the goals weren’t going in as easily as they usually do and the Pyramid girls ended up going down by 13. Best on went to Abbey Dingwall. Great effort girls. Pyramid Hill 27 defeated by Newbridge 40.
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