Round 11 – BL Serpentine v Pyramid Hill

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With the U/18’s being the only team to secure a win last week against BL Serpentine it’s probably a week we want to put behind us and quickly move on from.  As the old saying goes “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way”!

Under 18s
The boys were slow to get going on a very chilly morning at Serpentine. It took until the 12 minute mark of the first term to kick our first goal, but from this point onwards our pressure was high, our ball use was good and we were able to take control of the game increasing the margin to 34 points at the main break. The second half was an even battle but we held the momentum and refused to let Serp back into the game. Justyn Sawyer again showed how dangerous he can be with his run and carry whilst our midfield and defence held up beautifully thanks to Jordan Godfrey, Coen Cooper and Matt Farrell – 54 point victors!

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 9.14.68 defeated BL Serpentine 2.2.14
Goals: R. Blake 2, E. Caburnay 2, A. Cunningham 1, J. Godfrey 1, D. Goulding 1, L. Ross 1, M. Swiney 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: J. Sawyer. Millers Ag Supplies Award: J. Godfrey. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: C. Cooper. Special Award: E. Caburnay. Others: M. Farrell, K. Shelley, Z. Dingwall, M. Swiney, D. Goulding.

The boys are in a bit down patch after a disappointing performance against Serp. We were good early but lack consistency over the whole 4 quarters and ended up losing by 42 points.

Better players were Ryan “the quicket Rhino on the planet” Watson who has cemented his position down back, Jack “douchbag” Douch had another great game, Lachie “Christmas Carol” Caroll was effective on the wing. We need to stay positive and good things will come.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 2.6.18 lost to BL Serpentine 9.6.60
Goals: A. Harper 1, C. Milroy 1.
Pony Award: J. Hickmott. Egan Taylor Award: R. Watson. National Hotel Award: J. Douch. Victoria Hotel Award: L. Carroll. Club Award: T. McKerrow. Others: J. Moon, C. Milroy, M. Stewart, L. Southern.

The Doggies started well in our must win clash against Serpentine, kicking four goals to none in the first quarter and showing great poise, patience and match awareness with ball in hand. The Bears bounced back in the second term and reduced the margin to just 4 points at half time and it was well and truly game on. The third quarter was an even battle with many stoppages and great pressure applied by both sides as we took a 5 point lead into the final change. Unfortunately, as has happened too often recently, one quarter has been our downfall and we didn’t fire a shot in the last quarter conceding…12 goals.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 8.7.55 lost to BL Serpentine 17.16.118
Goals: N. Fitzpatrick 2, M. Cheesman 2, J. Woodward 1, A. Holland 1, Gav James 1, M. Klein Breteler 1.
Egan Taylor Award: A. Dobby. Victoria Hotel Award: Gav James. National Hotel Award: A. Holland. Others: M. Klein Breteler, B. Micevski, D. Tonkin, S. Gunther, Glen James, M. Bateman, B. Goodwin, R. Thiesz

Off to a great but chilly start, the Pyramid girls took it strong to the court against Serpentine Bears. The Doggies played hard with some fantastic game play and great intercepts. Well done to all of the girls for an amazing effort! Great game. Awards went to Mia Farrar and Hayley King!

It was a windy morning at Serpentine and the Pyramid girls had a great game and maintained the lead throughout the whole match. The team work was impeccable and everyone deserved to be acknowledged for their fantastic efforts up and down the court. The girls maintained successful game play that improved as each quarter began and this was reflected on the score board. Awards for the day went to Dani, Kara and Brianna. Pyramid Hill 54 defeated Serpentine 5. Well done girls!

T’was a sunny and windy day in Serp and the 17’s girls were keen to take on the rivals. First quarter, with amazing words of wisdom from Coach Karlee, the girls pushed through with an 8 goal lead. The second quarter saw the Doggies push harder, extending their lead with more intercepts and accurate shooting. The third quarter was the best of the match, continuing perfect goals and amazing game play and team work down the court. The Doggies pushed themselves hard in the last quarter with fantastic effort. The girls had a fantastic win and Jordy Broad and Teagan Stewart received best on. Pyramid Hill 73 defeated Serpentine 31.

In what we knew would be a tough game, the Ressie girls put up a good fight with strong defence all the way down the court. The passes let the Doggies down at times and the Bears made the most of every opportunity. Kelly ‘Super Coach’ Gould and Katelyn Wandin were stars of the match at the defensive end of the court and were awarded best on. Well done to all of the girls, a fantastic effort by all! Pyramid Hill 29 defeated by Serpentine 33.

Both teams started off incredibly strong throughout the second half of the match. It was an exciting and intense game with both teams pushing and fighting hard to get in the lead. The Pyramid girls lost their momentum but had an impeccable third quarter accurately shooting goal after goal and the girls in defence showing some amazing game play with intercepts and turnovers. Serp crept close to taking the lead but the Doggies managed to regroup and pushed hard, coming home with a win! Well done to Casey Kent for her fantastic efforts and getting best on for the match. Pyramid Hill 40 defeated Serpentine 37.

The B grade girls started strong on Saturday at Serpentine and took the lead by a few goals early on. By half time, they had established a strong lead with Megan Gunther and Amber Angel spot on with their shooting. Serpentine put up a good fight but by the end of the match, the Doggies had pulled ahead by 21 points and Tess Hampson was awarded a well deserved best on court. Congratulations on another great win girls!! Pyramid Hill 46 defeated Serpentine 25.

From the start of the first quarter, the Doggies started off really strong by getting a good jump on the Bears! Throughout the whole game, the girls were on top of their game from start to finish with accurate shooting and strong defence. Both the attackers and defenders had some awesome play up and down the court which resulted in a flowing game. Overall, it was a great game and very well played by each player on the court. Best on was awarded to Delainey Holmes. Pyramid Hill 49 defeated Serpentine 21.

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