Round 15 – Bridgewater v Pyramid Hill

After a slow first quarter our U/18’s pulled themselves together and got on with the job of actually playing football.  Eventually they were able to come home with a good win.  Our Reserves were up and about from the beginning and came away with a confidence building 10 goal win over the top of the table leaders, however, our Seniors basically kicked themselves out of a very winnable game.  With 8 more scoring shots you could have been forgiven to think we would get the win but our inability to get that ball between the right posts sadly handed the 4 points over to the opposition.

Under 18s

We travelled to Bridgewater to take on the 3rd placed Mean machine in a highly anticipated clash. The first quarter was a very even contest with both sides applying great pressure and making it very hard for any smooth passages of play to occur. Bridgewater led by a goal at Quarter Time but the boys fired up after the first change kicking 9 goals to 0 for the remainder of the match. Our pressure went up another level and our defence was rock solid, intercepting and creating some run and carry from half back. We were able to execute our ball movement beautifully and Mitch Stephens, back in the side, got on the end of a few, kicking 4 snags in a best on ground performance.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 9.13.67 defeated  Bridgewater 1.6.12
Goals: M. Stephens 4, J. Sawyer 2, D. Goulding 2, EJ Fernandez 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: M. Stephens. Millers Ag Award: E. Caburnay. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Z. Dingwall. Special Award: L. Dillon. Others: C. Mayman, J. Sawyer, M. Swiney.
Big contest in the Reserves as the boys were up against top of the ladder side Bridgewater. The lads were fantastic kicking 8 goals to 0 at half time and playing the best footy for the season, they continued their dominance in 2nd half winning by 58 points. It was a great team win having all the players stand up and play their role, special mentions for the day were Chris “air time” Milroy who took the mark of the century having more air time then Micheal Jordan, Tom “Mccryow” Mckerrow has stepped up in the back line over recent weeks and has cemented his spot in the back 6 but just needs to watch his sock height, Jack “of all trades” Douch was a standout in the backline setting up plenty of counter attacks.
Lasty the Ned award went to Troy “super glue” Woolhouse who had an AFL standard game, playing a tagging role and shutting down their best midfielder while having a very good offensive game of his own.  After the game he signed autographs for fans which was great to see.
Great signs approaching finals but the boys can’t get carried away and need to put in 2 more constant efforts before the season finishes.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 11.5.71 defeated Bridgewater 1.7.13
Goals: D. Tonkin 2, K. Kerrison 2, C. Milroy 2, M. Scott 2, A. Harper 1, N. Moon 1, P. Monaghan 1.
Pony Award: C. Milroy. Egan Taylor Award: D. Tonkin. National Hotel Award: T. Woolhouse. Victoria Hotel Award: J. Douch. Others: T. McKerrow, C. Gibbon, B. Fawcett, M. Stewart.
Bridgewater raced out of the blocks in the first term piling on the first 7 goals of the match and unfortunately the game was all but over. The remainder of the game was a relatively even contest but the margin was stuck around the 40 mark for the entirety of the match. Bridgey also had a much superior conversion kicking 18.4 in comparison to 8.22. A dull day for the boys, with not a great deal of positives to be taken but we still sit inside the Top 3. With two games remaining we know our best is capable of matching any side – we just need to produce it on a consistent basis.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 8.22.70 lost to Bridgewater 18.4.112
Goals: M. Cheeseman 3, B. Micevski 2, N. Fitzpatrick 2, S. Gunther 1.
Egan Taylor Award: B. Micevski. Victoria Hotel Award: S. Gunther. National Hotel Award: M. Klein-Breteler. Others: Gav James, T. Sala, P. Micevski, T. Barri.
After a loss last week, the 15’s girls knew they had some improving to do. In the first half, their was great team work with Sammi and Kara shooting beautifully in the goals. At the half time break, the girls had a narrow 4 goal lead but Bridgewater upped their game in the third. This made Imogen and Ally work hard, but managed to grab some nice intercepts. Keeley, Zoe, Danika and Brianna worked hard in the mid-court during the match, but unfortunately, the Bridgewater girls were switched on and won the game. Keep working hard girls with finals around the corner! Best on went to Sammi Moon, Imogen Broad and Danika Wagner. Pyramid Hill 38 defeated by Bridgewater 46.
The girls took to the court all warmed up, knowing there was a challenge in front of them. The first quarter saw the Doggies keeping up with Bridgy, showing some spectacular intercepts all down the court and then executing with beautiful shots. It was a right game until the fourth quarter with Bridgy getting to a 10 goal lead, but it didn’t stop the Doggies from dropping their heads and got the gap back to 7 before the final whistle blew. It was a great effort by all girls! Best on was awarder to Amy Murfitt and Maddy Wagner. Pyramid Hill 50 defeated by Bridgewater57.

The girls jumped on the court as the rain began falling from the sky and they fought out an even first quarter to see Bridgewater take a 4 goal lead into quarter time. Bridgewater took their chances and extended their lead at half time to 10 goals and coming into the second half, the Doggies continued their hard work to decrease the lead. The intensity increased in the last quarter and the Doggies talked it up and used impressive pressure against Bridgewater but unfortunately, it was too late and the girls went down by 15. Best on went to Zoe Kennedy. Pyramid Hill 46 defeated by Bridgewater 61.

The girls knew they were in for a tough game as they faced the top team. The game was welcomed with sunny conditions and Bridgewater’s defenders turned it on right from the start. The Doggies made the most out of their opportunities in the goal ring as Megan and Amber did not miss and presented accurate shooting. It is easy to see why Bridgewater are on top by the pressure they applied all the way down the court, but the final score of Pyramid Hill 44 and Bridgewater 64, doesn’t reflect the intense fight that the Doggies put up throughout all 4 quarters. Best on was awarded to Megan Gunther.
The C grade girls knew they were up for a tough game against the mean machine, Bridgewater. The girls in red, white and blue gained their confidence, by working the ball down the court with great passages of play. Jessica Gunther lifted her game and shot beautifully and accurately in the last half of the match, while Casey Kent and Georgia Holland dominated in defence against the accurate Bridgy shooters. For her consistent defensive skills, Georgia Holland received best on for the game. Pyramid Hill 23 defeated byBridgewater 63.
Once again, the Ressie girls played exceptionally well and proved they are an impressive side as the finals slowly creep in. Kelly ‘Super Coach’ Gould and Jess ‘Super Mum’ Zimmer gained too many turnovers to count and exhibited stand out rebounds. Throughout the mid-court, Emma Murfitt defended every pass and Jules Fernandez put in the extra effort with running in the C – both bringing the ball down the court beautifully. Mikayla McMahon and Katelyn Wandin played well together with some great passages of play. Jules received best on for her stand out performance all over the court. Pyramid Hill 46 defeated Bridgewater 31.
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