Round 16 – Pyramid Hill v Calivil Utd

As we move closer to the pointy end of the season 3 wins from 3 is always a welcome result.  The Under 18’s and Reserves both recorded convincing wins while the Senior match was as breath taking as the wind that swirled all day.  A nerve racking final few minutes, where the ball was spending far too much time in Calivil‘s forward line, eventually saw us come home with a 1 point win when the final siren sounded. Phew……you needed nerves of steel to watch that!

Under 18
The boys were slow to get out of the blocks in our Round 16 clash with Calivil United. We were quite fumbly and the Demons put on some great pressure to stop our ball movement. As the game progressed we gradually got better and were able to produce some smooth passages of play. Matt Farrell was exceptional in the middle and also spent some time up forward, whilst Zac Dingwall racked up numerous disposals across the half back line. We increased the margin at every break, eventually running out 99 point victors. We now look forward to a big clash with the MGYCW Eagles.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 17.11.113 defeated Calivil 2.2.14
Goals: M. Farrell 4, M. Swiney 3, E. Caburnay 2, J. Caburnay 1, J. Coad 1, A. Cunningham 1, M. Gunther 1, B. Moon 1, J. Sawyer 1, D. Stephens 1, Z. Dingwall 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: M. Farrell. Millers Ag Supplies Award: Z. Dingwall. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: L. Dillon. Special Award: M. Gunther. Others: B. Moon, J. Caburnay, K. Shelley, E. Caburnay, M. Swiney.

The Reserves have hit some good form in past weeks and were up against bottom of the ladder side Calivil.
The windy conditions proved challenging but the boys were up for the challenge playing good clean footy, winning the game by 15 goals.
Special mentions for the game were Dylan “the cult hero” Tonkin who would of had close to 60 possessions dominating the mid field, Troy “Mr Afl” played another sensational game putting on the package clinic, Dave “the raging bull” Mann proves that no mere mortal can tackle him.
The ned award went Jack “party boy” Hickmott who came back into the side hungry putting on a clinic with his pace, skill and his universal party antics.
A win today has locked in 2nd spot with the boys pumped for finals footy.
#upthe2’s #2’saroundthe1’s #uptheneds

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 17.13.115 defeated Calivil 2.4.16
Goals: N. Moon 3, K. Kerrison 3, J. Ritchie 2, T. Woolhouse 2, M. Scott 1, D. Mann 1, C. Driscoll 1, R. James 1, B. Embury 1, J. Coates 1, B. Fawcett 1.
Pony Award: D. Tonkin. Egan Taylor Award: J. Hickmott. National Hotel Award: T. Woolhouse. Victoria Hotel Award: D. Mann. Others: R. James, M. Moon, M. Scott.

The equation was simple for the boys; a win and we lock in a Top 3 spot. Against the breeze in the first term our pressure was high early but the Demons got an early jump and were able to create a 21 point buffer at quarter time. We dominated play in the second quarter but just couldn’t quite execute in front of goal, however we did take a 2 point lead into the main break as we kicked four goals to one. The premiership quarter would have a huge baring on the game and we held up beautifully against the breeze, maintaining possession of the footy and ensuring the Demons couldn’t get a run. We trailed by 11 points with one quarter to play. It was a long, nerve-racking 30 minutes as both sides pressure significantly increased, we jumped ahead at the twenty minute mark and were able to fight and scrap and hold on for a 1 point victory and cement 3rd spot. Adrian Holland was brilliant in the ruck in a great team performance!

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 9.9.63 defeated Calivil 9.8.62

Goals: M. Cheeseman 4, T. Sala 3, B. Dalton 1, M. Klein-Breteler 1.
Egan Taylor Award: A. Holland. Victoria Hotel Award: A. Dobby. National Hotel Award: T. Sala. Others: B. Micevski, M. Cheeseman, Gav James, S. Gunther, M. Bateman.


The mini Pups were off to a slow start this morning as a result of Calivil’s strong pressure but by half time, the girls had found their feet again and fought back, giving 110%. It was an extremely even match, with great shooting from both sides. The Pups kept their heads up throughout the whole match. Spectacular work girls! Star of the day was Isabelle.
It was a cold, cloudy day at Mitchell Park and the girls had a rocking start to the match. With one of their players out on injury, the girls adjusted well. One of the minis, Isabelle stepped up and did an amazing job. With some great passes and quick foot work, the Doggies created a great lead and maintained it throughout the entire match. Well done girls and congratulations to Imogen Broad, Kara Farrell and Brianna Stevens for getting best on. Pyramid Hill 66 defeated Calivil 13.
The under 17’s girls knew they were up for a tough battle against Calivil. With the captain out and 3 under 15’s girls stepping up, it got harder. The first quarter was tough, but the Doggies had some amazing intercepts. Coach Karlee said ‘Let’s do something different’ and what was said, was done. The second quarter was the hardest but the coach and captain’s wise words inspired the Doggies and helped them to push out the last half with their heads held high. Next week girls! Well done to Jordann Broad and Kara Farrell for an awesome game. Pyramid Hill 27 defeated by Calivil 71.
The Ressie girls were off to a fantastic start – playing incredibly hard and finished the first quarter 7 goals in front. The motivated defence end worked brilliantly together by creating many turnovers that were then executed beautifully through the middle court by Loz G, Loz B and Julez towards the “unstoppable duo” Kate and Mik inside the goal ring. Consistent and high flying intercepts were key for the best on, Em Murfitt.. Bring on next week Ressies! Pyramid Hill 36 defeated Calivil 18.
Coming into the game, the girls knew they could come close this week. After a great first quarter, the Doggies were only 1 goal down. Going into a slow second quarter, the girls lost momentum, but credit goes to the girls who didn’t give up and still gave 110%. They came back with lots of pressure right down the court and defence were fantastic. Great game Doggies, but bad luck! Best on was awarded to Casey Woodbine. Pyramid Hill 19 defeated by Calivil 26.
The girls were faced with a determined Calivil side right from the start and found themselves having to fight back every quarter. The Doggies were down at every break, but with Calivil’s accurate shooting, it was difficult to get a lead. At half time, there was a switch around among the red, white and blue which saw the rest of the game being fought out very hard to bring the final score back within reach. Pyramid Hill 32 defeated by Calivil 40.
The girls took the court determined to get a win over Calivil to help cement their finals position. The first quarter started slow, but once the girls found their feet they settled in and fought back from being 7 goals down to only 2 at quarter time. Coming into the second quarter, the Doggies continued their hard work, creating many turnovers to only trail behind Calivil by half time. The last half of the match was a nail biter, as the Doggies fought extremely hard to come from 7 goals down to only 3 down – making Calivil nervous. Unfortunately, the girls went down, but not without making the opposition work for it. Best on was Em Prout. Pyramid Hill 35 defeated by Calivil 40.
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