Round 4 – Marong v Pyramid Hill

michael herrick memorial cup

18 & UNDER

After a couple of weeks off we followed up our Round 1 victory with a 61 point win over Marong. Our skill level was slightly sloppy but our pressure was outstanding. Zac Dingwall was a defensive force, rebounding the ball off half back successfully all day. Connor Mayman proved how valuable he is to the side taking multiple contested marks, winning hit outs and even running with the ball at times. Kobe Schmidt provided the team with a target in the forward half, taking plenty of marks and kicking four goals. Congratulations to Joe Parsons, Matt Carroll and Josh Hutton and Nick Skinner on winning their first games as Bulldogs.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 12.10.82 defeated Marong 3.3.21
Goals: Kobe Schmidt 4, Ed Carburnay 2, Ben Forbes 1, Ryan Salavdor 1, Matt Carroll 1, Zac Dingwall 1, Taynan Richardson 1, Tian Piercy 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: Zac Dingwall. Millers Ag Supplies Award: Conner Maymen. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Kobe Schmidt. Special Award: Joe Parson. Others: Carlos Ly, Ryan Salvador, Matt Farrell, Matt Carroll, Mitch Gunther, Brad Moon.
Was a massive day for the boys after having the Easter long weekend bye. They started well, jumping out of the blocks to boot 6 early goals. Evan ” twinkle toes ” Dorrington moved well in and under breaking lines and creating heaps of opportunities for the boys. Young Jimmy Sala and Tom ” Pots ” Walker put on a clinic winning the ball on the inside and getting bulk hard ball gets between them with great 2 way running. Louis ” Vuitton ” Lowndes presented well all day creating score opportunities for all the forwards and slotted a couple himself. Mitch ” One Inch ” Dingwall booted 6 majors but it could of easily been 10 with all of his assists. Woof woof #upthe2s
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 19.12.126 defeat Maron 0.0.0
Goals: Mitch Dingwall 6, Louis Lowndes 4, Sam Mewett 2, Tom Walker 2, Jordan Hutton 1, Evan Dorrington 1, Ryan Watson 1, Glen James 1, Bailey Goodwin 1.
National Hotel Award: Evan Dorrington. Victoria Hotel Award: James Sala. Good Sports Award: Louis Lowndes. BCF Award: Conner Gibbins. Others: Mitch Dingwall, Bailey Goodwin, Nick Tanner, Tom Walker, Nato Moon.
It was a pretty even start to the game before we opened up a 5 goal lead just after halftime.  Marong then closed the margin to a couple of goals going into the last quarter. We held onto the lead and finished the game well despite having a few injury concerns with a few of the boys. Better players for the day were Scott ” The Betterman ” Mann with his bulk inside ball wins he was able to set up a lot of the play. Michael ” Bestie ” Bateman provided the back line with solid defence all day with a lot of intercepts and winning his one on one contest. He was a major force all the day.  Willcocks was moving well up forward, providing a great target for the boys and slotting a few majors himself. One of our fearless leaders Trent Barri unfortunately went down injured and we all wish him a speedy recovery. Woof woof #upthe1s
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 13.14.92 defeated Marong 10.9.69
Goals: Jack Woodward 3, Jake Willcocks 3, Braidy Dickens 2, Billy Micevski 2, Adrian Holland 1, Bailey George 1, Steven Gunther 1.
Victoria Hotel Award: Scott Mann. National Hotel Award: Dylan Morrison. Others: Adrian Holland, Gav James, Bailey George, Billy Micevski, Andrew Dobby, Steven Gunther, Bevan Gunther, Adrian McErvale, Michael Bateman.
Each year our game at Marong is played in memory of Michael Herrick, a man associated with both clubs and we are extremely proud to be bringing the Michael Herrick Cup home with us.  The Michael Herrick Memorial Trophy was also awarded to Scott Mann for best on ground.
Congratulations to Billy Micevski, Matthew Klein-Breteler, Steven Gunther, Adrian Holland, Jack Woodward and Bailey George who have been named in the initial Senior Interleague Squad.
Another congratulations goes to Joel and Meg Woolhouse on the safe arrival of their twin girls Poppy and Maggie.  We hope there are not too many sleepless nights for you!
The young pups worked really hard working great as a team and presented lots of improvement in their teamwork showing their new formed friendships while continuing to learn more skills in their positions.

UNDER 13’s


It was a slow start to the game with both teams finishing the first quarter tied. It was goal for goal in the second quarter, but as the time went on, the Pyramid girls gained momentum into the second half. A combination of improved passing and finding open spaces saw the girls pull ahead and by the last quarter they really clicked as a team and took away a win. Well done girls! The awards went to Mia and Isabelle. Pyramid Hill 30 d Marong 21.

UNDER 15’s


Pyramid Hill started strongly with Sammi and Jorja shooting extremely well. The girls were able to gain control of the game early, so Coach Vicky took the opportunity to change things up – putting Keeley and Kearley in the ring in GA and GS making things confusing, but fun for the girls. Danika and Ava who started the day in GK and GD and finished the match off in GS and GA. Everyone played well and fun was had by all. The awards went to Danika and Ava. Pyramid Hill 67 d Marong 19.

UNDER 17’s

On the back of some pretty good wins the girls came out pumped and ready for another! The Pyramid girls had strong start with lots of intercepts and accurate shooting saw the girls holding a great lead at half time. The teams versatility was shown by multiple position changes in the second half and the fantastic pressure applied by the Doggies caused errors to the opposition with Pyramid Hill coming out on top with another win. Jorja Moon and Jordann Broad were awarded best on. Pyramid Hill 76 d Marong 17.



The Pyramid girls started off strong and excited for a win, there was a great fight from start to finish and the girls never dropped their heads. The defenders kept intense pressure on Marong’s attackers getting some great turn overs and the Pyramid attackers ensured that these were not wasted and capitalised on these. The flow down the court, the high intensity and loud talk from both teams saw for a great game. Marong came away with the win, but it was nothing but a positive afternoon for the girls. A great game by all! Gemma Scott was awarded best on. Marong 48 d Pyramid Hill 46.


It was clear from the start that Marong were warmed up and ready to go, racing on to the court and shooting goals before the Doggies had an opportunity to shoot. It wasn’t Pyramid Hill’s day, with mistakes and missed opportunities but to make some difference there were positional changes and the girls continued to fight. Best on for the match went to Lani Madill. Marong 61 d Pyramid Hill 27.


The Doggies came out eager for their first win of the season against a tough Marong side. Marong proved strong and were up at each break but the girls continued to fight hard with Katelyn’s strong hands and Hannah’s accurate shooting in goals. The Pyramid girls were up by 3 in the last quarter with all players working hard to get across the line only to go down by 1. Everyone played a fantastic game with best on going to Katelyn Wandin. Marong 37 d Pyramid Hill 36.


The girls knew that Marong was going to be a tough game but the Pyramid Hill girls fought hard throughout the match, showing great determination and held their heads high until the final siren. Goals were difficult to come by but there was plenty of positives to come from the game play, with the girls settling a little more in the second half and proudly owning the most goals in the last quarter. The overall score wasn’t what the Doggies were hoping for, but there was plenty to take out of the match to work on as a team. Bad luck girls, bring on next week! Best on was awarded to Mikayla McMahon. Marong 48 d Pyramid Hill 27.

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