Round 10 – Bridgewater v Pyramid Hill


In a tough, scrappy match against Bridgewater last Saturday, we showcased our ability to win the ball at stoppages, and transition the ball well from half bank. The end result was a 60 point victory for us, with Ryan Salvador kicking four of our 10 goals. Carlos Ly also provided plenty of clearances and superb ball use, while Matt Farrell played like a bull through the middle. Taynan Richardson found great position regularly, finding himself without an opponent on several occasions and setting up plenty of scoring opportunities. Whilst our accuracy in front of goal needs improvement, our ball movement and brand of footy is looking strong as we move into the second half of the season.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 10.15.75 defeated Bridgewater 2.3.15

Goals: R. Salvador 4, K. Gard 2, M. Carroll 1, J. Edlin 1, R. Forster 1, T. Leech 1.

Brett Hercus Transport Award: R. Salvador. Millers Ag Supplies Award: C. Ly. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: M. Farrell. Special Award: T. Richardson. Others: N. Skinner, B. Moon, Z Dingwall, K. Gard, J. Parsons, M. Gunther.


Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 20.14.134 defeated Bridgewater 1.4.10

Goals: C. Milroy 6, M. Shaddock 3, G. James 2, M. Dingwall 2, L. Lowndes 1, P. Gargan 1, J. Hickmott 1, B. Goodwin 1, C. Gibbons 1, X. Ryan 1, T. Walker 1.

National Hotel Award: B. Goodwin. Victoria Hotel Award: M. Dingwall. Good Sports Award: R. Watson. BCF Award: C. Milroy. Others: J. Hickmott, C. Gibbons, R. Brown.


Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 23.10.148 defeated Bridgewater 8.8.56

Goals: Brady Dickens 9, Bailey George 6, Steven Gunther 3, Jack Woodward 1. Jake Willcocks 2, Billy Micevski 1.

Victoria Hotel Award: Bailey George. National Hotel Award: Brady Dickens. Others: Steven Gunther, Dylan Morrison, James Sala, Billy Micevski, Gavin James.

The Pyramid girls knew that coming up against Bridgewater would be a tough challenge for the day. Bridgewater were only up by a few at the end of the first break and with strong efforts from Pyramid. Position changes were made throughout the remainder of the game but it unfortunately was not enough to get a win over Bridgewater. Best on went to Milly Saville, for her consistency and determination in defence. Bridgewater 52 df Pyramid Hill 28.
The Doggies started strong against Bridgey this week with the helpful addition of Zoe Kennedy in GA. The score line was close at the end of the first quarter. Georgia and Zoe were shooting beautifully down the attack end. Down in defence Bree and Lani were taking lots of intercepts and reading the play really well. Through the middle, Chloe used her speed to take some impressive intercepts. As the game went on Bridgey widened the gap however the pyramid girls fought hard until the end. The final score was 59 to 39 and best on went to Chloe Broderick.
A slow start from the Pyramid Hill girls meant an uphill battle for the duration of the game against a tough Bridgewater side. However, this put on show the team’s determination and ability to perform well under pressure. The game saw goals scored very quickly with the passage of the ball flowing easily through the mid court from both sides; and the majority of intercepts occurring within the goal thirds. The Hill’s shooters showed courage against a high performing Bridgewater defence, and worked hard to claim rebounds. The team’s defensive play shone during today’s game and earnt Jessica Zimmer (GD) best on court; with exceptional read of the play, work rate, and rebounding. The Pyramid Hill girls continue to develop and work cohesively each week, with the passage of play and movement from this game a testament to that. In a game with high pressure from both sides they should be proud of their efforts working hard till the end. Well done to Bridgewater for their performance today coming away with a win; Bridgewater 43 df Pyramid Hill 22.
The Ressie Girls worked hard against Bridgewater today. There was some fabulous pressure in the mid court from Morgs while strong drives and passes from Kirra earnt her this week’s award. Sarah found her feet this week with some great chases and moving for passes in the mid court. Not much got past Jan while she was in goals or defence and she worked well with Ally and Emma, forcing some errors from Bridgies strong goalers. Kara and Tayla worked well in goals, making many shots at goal. However, Bridgey were consistent all game and took the win. Bridgewater 50 df Pyramid Hill 32.
UNDER 17’s
In warm conditions, the girls pushed through the heat and had a great starting quarter and took the lead. During the second quarter, Bridgewater showed the Pyramid girls who wanted it more and took the lead. At half time Coach Vicky told the girls to lift their game and that’s what they did. For the second half of the game everybody was leading strongly, throwing amazing passes, intercepting and fighting for every loose ball. With all of this paying off, although it wasn’t a huge win, the final score was Pyramid Hill 41 d Bridgewater 31. Best on went to Kara Farrell and Jordann Broad.
UNDER 15’s
It was a sunny day at Bridgewater, and the girls were ecstatic as their teammate Imogen was finally back from Bali without a tan in sight. The girls had a rocky start, with a 13 all score after the first quarter. In the second quarter, the girls stood their ground and made a 3 goal lead, with the help of Sammi’s accurate goaling. In the third and fourth quarter, Keeley shined with her accurate passes into the ring and great defence in the attack end. The girls had a 19 goal lead at the final siren. Best on went to Sammi Moon and Keeley Forster, well done girls. Pyramid Hill 49 df Bridgewater 30.
UNDER 13’s
The Dogettes came out strong against Bridgewater and the girls welcomed back Kaitlin after her holiday in Bali. Isabelle starred on the court with her zippy game play and great intercepts. Little Charli Moon has fantastic accuracy in the goals. The award went to Ellesha Fergusson for her amazing play up and down the court. Great game Pyramid, keep it up! Pyramid Hill 40 df Bridgewater 0.
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