Round 11 – Pyramid Hill v Mitiamo


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Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 13.9.87 defeated Mitiamo 6.3.39
Goals: Joel Woolhouse 3, Chris Milroy 3, Mitch Dingwall 2, Ben Culross 1, Louis Lowndes 1, Matt Shaddock 1, Tom Walker 1, Zac Dingwall 1.
National Hotel Award: Tom Walker.  Victoria Hotel Award: Nathan Moon.  Good Sports Award: Connor Gibbons.  BCF Award: Chris Milroy.  Others: Ross James, Zac Dingwall, Mitch Dingwall.
Final Scores:  Pyramid Hill 12.10.82 lost to Mitiamo 14.11.95.
Goals:  Braidy Dickins 4, Jake Willcocks 2, Scott Mann 2, Lachie O’Toole 2, Bailey George 2.
Victoria Hotel Award: Lachie O’Toole.  National Hotel Award: Scott Mann.  Others:  Steven Gunther, Jimmy Sala, Adrian McErvale, Evan Dorrington.


Today the young Pups played Mitiamo and it was a beautiful, sunny day. All the girls played really well as a team with everyone putting a name to a pass while spacing out and running forward for the ball. Well done on a great game girls! Sophie Twigg was awarded player of the week for her great leading in front and for always trying her best. Margarette and Shamica also played great in goals together.

UNDER 13’s

The Dogettes came out firing in the first quarter with great pressure, good passing and willingness to make the extra effort whenever they could. They kept up the intensity against Mitiamo for the whole game and for what was their most complete performance of the season so far. It was fantastic to see some of the drills practiced at training being utilised on the court. Well done on a great game girls! The award went to Hayley King this week. Pyramid Hill 36 df Mitiamo 3.

UNDER 15’s

The first quarter saw a rusty Pyramid side but as the quarter progressed, there were clear front leads to the ball and lots of options down the court. There was a change up in positions going into the second quarter with Imo and Jorja in goals, proving the team’s versatility and Ava and Danika supported the team well in defence creating lots of turnovers. The last half of the game saw Ava move into goals working well with Jorja and Kearley worked tirelessly in C and GD. The midcourt continued to work on clearing out and gaining some great front on leads down the court to the goalies. It was a great team effort by all and Keeley Forster and Ava Broderick were awarded best on. Pyramid Hill 55 df Mitiamo 13.

UNDER 17’s

After a slow first half with inaccurate passing and shooting, the Dogettes eventually found their feet with Amy and Kara dominating in the ring. The last half of the match saw the Pyramid girls level out the score against Mitiamo with the defence working hard to obtain lots of turnovers as the score gap got smaller and smaller. It was goal for goal at the last quarter come to an end and it was an intense finish to the game with a draw as the final outcome. The hard fight and increased tension made for a great game and Ally Burke and Kara Farrell were awarded with best on for the game. Well done girls! Pyramid Hill 32 drew Mitiamo 32.


The Ressie Girls had a strong start with good movement of the ball through the mid-court while gracefully feeding the ball into Mikayla and Vicky in the goal ring. The accuracy of these two ladies prompted an early lead for the Doggies despite the fight Miti displayed in the ring. Emma and Tylah worked well as a team in defence, with Tylah grabbing some great rebounds as Emma consistently put the Miti girls to work. The mid-court superstars Morgan, Kirra and Loz worked tirelessly to maintain great momentum up and down the court. The girls maintained their lead throughout the match with great encouragement from fill-in coach Em Prout while Coach Kell was up in the NT exploring. Thanks Em! Best on was awarded to Vicky Tierney for her accuracy in GS – red, white and blue suit you Vicky! Pyramid Hill 51 df Mitiamo 24.


The C grade girls knew they were in for a tough game, especially with Coach Kell away. The girls were able to fight hard and demonstrate great team work when moving the ball down the court. The girls had a mix up in position at half time with star centre player Kelsey moving into defence and Georgia moving into the goal ring to shoot goals. The Pyramid shooters had a great day, working extremely well in the ring as Kelsey shone in her new position in defence taking best on court for the match. Pyramid Hill 26 df Mitiamo 42.


The Doggies had a tough game, playing the top team Mitiamo but they were ready for a challenge. The girls fought hard throughout all four quarters and the defenders worked incredibly well to obtain some turnovers. Despite the score gap, the girls never dropped their heads and continued to play well with one another up until the sound of the final whistle. Best on was awarded to Lani Madill. Pyramid Hill 17 df by Mitiamo 52.


A tough all round contest against a skilled Mitiamo team saw Hayley and Milly shine in defence against Miti’s tall and accurate goalers. With fresh, glowing tans on display ready for the Annual Ball, the Doggies ran hard against Miti and never dropped their heads. Em Prout worked her butt off the entire game, earning her best on for the game. Pyramid Hill 23 df by Mitiamo 75.

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