Round 9 – Newbridge v Pyramid Hill


It was a busy week for the coach with 10 unavailability’s through injury and holidays (fancy going to Bali in the middle of footy season.) We did however scrounge together some permit players and field a full side. A big thank you to Jack Kervin, Noah Furlong, Kai Lane and Apostoli Sakizilis who helped us out! Newbridge came out firing and kicked the first goal of the match but our midfield gradually got on top and we led by 33 points at the first change. We moved the ball quite well throughout the match and created some great opportunities for our forward with deep entries Inside 50 but our defence wasn’t quite as ruthless as they have been so far this season. A really good win though, by 92 points but plenty to work on. Carlos Ly was exeptional in the midfield whilst Nick Skinner is relishing his No.1 ruck role with Connor Mayman out of the side with a broken finger nail.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 17.15.117 defeated Newbridge 4.1.25

Goals: K. Schmidt 3, R. Salvador 3, T. Piercy 2, M. Carroll 1, M. Farrell 1, K. Gard 1, M. Gunther 1, J. Hutton 1, K. Lane 1, C. Ly 1, T. Richardson 1, N. Skinner 1.

Brett Hercus Transport Award: C. Ly. Millers Ag Award: N. Skinner. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: R. Salvador. Special Award: N. Furlong. Others: T. Piercy, J. Parsons, K. Schmidt, J. Kervin, K. Gard.


 A bit of a grind in the first quarter saw us take a while to get our game going.  As the game progressed we settled and the better we started playing with the end result being a dominate 108 point win. Aiden Murphy was all class coming back from the ones and put a strong case forward to go straight back in, with bulk inside work he set us up well getting his first hands on the ball. Nicholas Tanner took at least 15 intercept marks and was everywhere across the half back line. Louis “ Vuitton “ Lowndes and Chris “ Big Boy “ Milroy booted a solid 7 goals and provided great scoring outlets all day. Tommy “ Pots “ Walker was very solid with his quick hands on the inside of the contest and is in rare form this year. Brad “ The Fossil “ Fawcett is playing like a 17 year old and his defensive pressure and hard 2 way running is something to admire. Woof Woof #upthe2s

 Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 16.12.108 defeated Newbridge 0.0.0

Goals: L. Lowndes 4, M. Shaddock 3, C. Milroy 3, G. James 2, X. Ryan 2 , D. Mann 1,, M. Dingwall 1.

National Hotel Award: A. Murphy. Victoria Hotel Award: N. Tanner. Good Sports Award: L. Lowndes. BCF Voucher: T. Walker. Others: C. Milroy, B. Fawcett, G. James, M. Dingwall.

It was a massive day for the boys who were trying to keep the momentum going as we entered the half way point of the year. It was a solid game with Newbridge really pushing it up to us,  going into 3 quarter time we were down by a point but, credit to the boys, they stuck to their structures and continued playing in a way that has got us over the line so far this year. With a 5 goal final term we came away 3 goal winners in a tough game.  Young Jimmy Sala was in rare mint form, 2 way running, winning his own ball and spreading and getting the ball on the outside, he was clearly best on the ground. Dylan “ Jetstar “ Morrison was dominate down back with his intercept marks and setting up some great score opportunities from the half back line, he had a great game and certainly helped us get the win. Braidy “ Dicko “ Dickens slotted 4 goals and set up a few others, the big boy is in great form at the moment. Scott “ The Betterman “ Mann was a beast and his inside midfield work was amazing, his quick hands is something of brilliance. Matthew “ KB “ Klein Breteler provided great run and carry, breaking lines setting up great scoring opportunities for the forwards. It was great to see Sam “ The Parcel “ Mewett have a great first senior game for the club, the kid backed himself in and did the old “ shake and bake “ burning off his opponents. Woof Woof. #upthe1s

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 11.14.80 defeated Newbridge 9.8.62.

Goals: B. Dickens 4, J. Woodward 3, S. Mann 3, Matthew Klien-Breteler 1.

Victoria Hotel Award; J. Sala. National Hotel Award: D. Morrison. Others: B. Dickens, S. Mann, M. Klien-Breteler, S. Mewett, J. Woodward, M. Bateman.

UNDER 13’s
The young Dogettes had a strong start to the game with great passes and accurate shooting, but began to lose their momentum during the second and third quarters. The last quarter saw the girls finish off strong, just as they had started the game and took home the win. Newbridge 9 df by Pyramid Hill 16. Charli and Jaz were given the awards for the game. Great work little ladies!
Well done to Margarette and Shamica who stepped up to play in the under 13’s and congratulations to Isabelle and Hayley for making their under 15’s debut against Newbridge.
UNDER 15’s
It was a warm day in Newbridge as the Pyramid girls welcomed two under 13’s girls to play with them. The girls struggled to get on their feet throughout the match with unsteady passing and defence was lacking. But, eventually, the girls in red, white and blue came away with the win. Newbridge 40 df by Pyramid Hill 49.
UNDER 17’s
Newbridge welcomed the under 17’s Pyramid girls onto the court and it was a great game of netball with the sun shining. It was goal for goal at the beginning of the match, but the Dogettes decided they wanted the win more than Newbridge and on the final whistle Pyramid defeated Newbridge 56 to 28. Great work girls! Best on for the game was awarded to Ally Burke and Madeline Wagner.
The Ressie girls ran on to the court ready to give it their all against Newbridge even though they knew it was going to be a tough match. The ladies had the ball moving down the court well, but were held up by the great work shown by Newbridge. The Ressie girls never dropped their heads and continued to fight until the siren sounded. The score certainly did not reflect the great game played by the Doggies. Newbridge 45 df Pyramid Hill 17. Best on was awarded to Tayla Pitts.
A sunny day out at Newbridge meant the C grade ladies were ready to play hard and get themselves a win. The first half saw both teams neck and neck, with the Doggies’ defence putting a stop to Newbridge‘s goalies and the attackers working hard to get the ball down into the ring for the Pyramid shooters. But, the last half hadNewbridge dominate and ended up winning – 41 to 30. This score did not reflect the girls’ performance throughout the game, as they played a fantastic match and held their own very well. Great work ladies and bring on next week. Best on was awarded to Kelly Gould.
The B grade Doggies started off strong with every single player working hard throughout each quarter until the last whistle sounded. Newbridge were the better side and took home the win but Georgia Bartels was a star in the goal ring and was awarded best on. Newbridge 57 df Pyramid Hill 25.
The A grade ladies turned up to Newbridge focused on protecting the ball to ensure their game play was on point. They started the match working hard to create some opportunities but Newbridge quickly and surely started to take control of the ball leading at half time 38 to 16. Bec worked extremely hard in the wing to feed the ball steadily to the attackers. Newbridge put the Pyramid defenders to work, making them play harder to steal the ball away from the Newbridge girls. Unfortunately, Newbridge were the better side, taking home the win with 79 to the Doggies’ 29. Best on court was Gemma Scott.
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