Round 14 – Inglewood v Pyramid Hill

A dominant win on Saturday saw us defeat Inglewood, 2.2.14 – 16.12.108. Our intensity was quite good in the first half, not letting Inglewood score and generating plenty of fun and carry. After half time, we went into cruise mode for a while and allowed the opposition too much time and space which resulted in a couple of goals against. Mitch Gunther’s ball use was elite, and Nick Skinner was getting in all the right spots, orchestrating numerous switches, while also being our No.1 ruckman. Ed Caburnay was his usual self up forward, kicking 6 goals, while Ryan Salvador found heaps of the ball, rotating from the forward line into the midfield.
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 16.12.108 defeated Inglewood 2.2.14
Goals: Ed Caburnay 6. Mitch Gunther 3. Kobe Schmidt 2. Matt Carroll 1, Ben Forbes 1. Kynan Gard 1. Ryan Salvador 1. Nick Skinner 1.
Brett Hercus Transport Award: Mitch Gunther. Millers Ag Supplies Award: Nick Skinner. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Ed Caburnay. Special Award: Ryan Salvador. Others: Zac Dingwall, Tain Piercy, Carlo Ly, Kobe Schmidt
A tough game for the boys with 1 v’s 2.  Inglewood really came out to play and the game was up and down throughout the day in a tight and heated contest. Going into the final break only 3 points separated us. An inspiring speech from the coach Dylan “ The Truck “ Tonkin spurred the boys on to boot 6 goals in the final term to have a gutsy win. Nato “ Big Dog “Moon was a force to be reckoned with all day and he gave all the mids first use all day. Mitch “ One Inch “ Dingwall was in rare form booting 5 goals, the resemblance of Jordan De Goey in Mitch’s game at the moment is scary. Brad “ The Fossil “ Fawcett wound back the clock,  the great man lined up on ball for the first bounce and provided plenty of run and score assists for the boys. Ryan “ Shane “ Watson was a machine on the wing, running all day and turning himself into a real utility for the side being able to play anywhere. Tom “ Pots “ Walker was a bull on the inside of the contest and set up the play well. Matt “ MM “ Moon was all class down back. He was the real general back there taking bulk intercept marks and breaking the lines with his penetrating kicks. Woof Woof #upthe2s

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 12.8.80 defeated Inglewood 8.5.53
Goals: Mitch Dingwall 5. Louis Lowndes 3. Brad Fawcett 1. Jack Hickmott 1. Glen James 1. Tom Walker 1.
National Hotel Award: Nato Moon. Victoria Hotel Award: Mitch Dingwall. Good Sports Award: Brad Fawcett. BCF Award: Ryan Watson. Others: Tom Walker, Matt Moon, Rhys Brown.
 After a couple of poor weeks the boys were keen to get back on tracks and oh boy did they jump out of the blocks well. With a 13 goal first half they were up and about and finished off booting 32 goals for the day in a clinical display of football. Braidy “ Dicko “ Dickens was in rare form snagging himself a massive 11 goals. Matthew “ KB “ Klein Breteler was having a day out playing up forward setting up the play. Scott “ The Betterman “ Mann was a bull on the inside of the contest. Stevie “ Smooth “ Gunther was running all over the park and the kid could be a smokie for this years BnF. Bradley “ The Bull “ Driscoll provided a solid level head down back but wasn’t afraid to push up through the middle of the ground and take the game on. Adrian “ Dutchie “ Holland dominated the ruck battle, the big fella also worked hard pushing up forward a slotting a very nice 3 goals. Woof Woof #upthe1s
Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 32.11.203 defeated Inglewood 3.6.24
Goals: Braidy Dickens 11, Jack Woodward 6, Steven Gunther 3, Adrian Holland 3, Matt Klein-Breteler 3, Scott Mann 2, Billy Micevski 2, Jake Willcocks 1, Bailey George 1.
Victoria Hotel Award: Braidy Dickens. National Hotel Award: Matt Klein-Breteler. Others: Scott Mann, Steven Gunther, Brad Driscoll, Adrian Holland, Jack Woodward.



The clouds passed by and the sun shon brightly on the very keen minis. The young Pups made some beautiful drives and got some impressive intercepts as a result of an overall team effort. Great job girls! The awards went to Laura and Charli.

UNDER 13’s

It was an icy and windy day at Inglewood, but the Dogettes started strongly and kept the pressure on Inglewood the entire match. The passing was fast and smooth and there was fantastic ball chasing. Coach Lizzie was so impressed with the Dogettes’ performance that she awarded every player! Amazing game girls. Pyramid Hill 36 df Inglewood 8.

UNDER 15’s

The Pyramid girls had an improved start to the game this week and revealed to be in control from the first whistle blow. The defensive end was sharp, applying tight pressure which caused some wonderful turnovers. Sammi was very accurate under the goal ring with her beautiful shooting. Kearley was a great support in the midcourt always being an option for passes while applying consistent defensive pressure against Inglewood. Today was a great win for the girls! The awards went to KearleyStone and Imo Broad. Pyramid Hill 54 df Inglewood 20.

UNDER 17’s

A tight first quarter saw the Dogettes fight hard and finished off the first quarter in the lead 13-9. The second quarter saw improved passing and game play at both ends of the court, finishing off the first half still in the lead. The second half revealed solid defence by the Pyramid girls, especially Amy and Kara, who defended Inglewood’s goalies with fantastic applied pressure. The Dogettes received a well-deserved win. The awards went to Jorja Moon and Ella Rowe. Pyramid Hill 65 df Inglewood 22.


Inglewood really turned on the winter conditions as the Ressie girls took the court keen to get the job done. The ladies started strong with solid shooting from combo Vicky and Mikayla while defence legends Jan and Emma combined well with consistent pressure in ring against Inglewood’s goalies. There was lots of options created up and down the court for the Ressie girls and captain Loz backed them up, getting plenty of touches on the ball with Morgs and Kirra maintaining flow down the court to feed into the shooters. Tylah joined the Ressie girls gelling well with the team and was able to continue on from their strong start and helped finish off the match securing the win against Inglewood. A great game played by all of the ladies! Best on for the match went to Emma Murfitt for her incredible defence.


It was a cold and windy day at Inglewood but that did not dampen Pyramid’s efforts for their second win of the season! Pyramid started slow, adjusting to the new inclusions of Katey, who received a well-deserved best on, and Danielle, who slotted in beautifully. With many great plays down the court, defensive pressure and accurate shooting Pyramid was able to keep their lead throughout the game. What a great win ladies!! Pyramid Hill 47 df Inglewood 38.


The match against Inglewood started in a fast, physical pace with Hill the first to settle. There were plenty of intercepts and conversions with Hill totally capitalising the opportunities that were provided. The rest of the match proved to be physical and Hill dropped their game a little in the last quarter but there was consistency all over the court and inside the goal ring. The team enjoyed there time playing alongside coach Bec McKnight, who received best on for the game. Congratulations to B grade for their first win. Best  Pyramid Hill 46 df Inglewood 38.


A Grade started very strong, scoring the first couple of goals and created a good lead for themselves. The ladies gave their best effort throughout the entire game, fighting for every loose ball and at half time saw both sides sitting at 22 all. Inglewood pulled ahead in the third quarter, but the Doggies kept their heads up. In the end, Hill couldn’t keep up the fight and Inglewood snatched away the win. Best on was awarded to Amber Angel. Pyramid Hill 40 df by Inglewood 54.

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