Round 16 – MGYCW v Pyramid Hill



Our Under 18’s had a terrific clash on Saturday against a strong MGYCW side, but could not get the job done. Within the last few minutes, the margin was just 2 points, but the Eagles had just a little more juice left in their tanks, and were able to kick two late goals to seal victory. The game has given our team a better perspective of what needs to be done in order to get the chocolates, and has only made us more hungry to do so. Our intensity was cranked to 11 in the first quarter, with us booting five goals to Maiden Gully’s three, but we dropped off as the game went on, allowing MGYCW to capitalise and in the end, run over the top of us. Our best players were Matt Farrell, Carlos Ly, Nick Skinner, and Zac Dingwall.

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 7.8.50 lost to MGYCW 10.4.64

Goals: Kobe Schmidt 3, Kynan Gard 1, Ben Forbes 1, Zac Harrison 1, Trent Leech 1.

Brett Hercus Transport Award: Matt Farrell. Millers Ag Supplies Award: Carlos Ly. Pyramid Bakery Cafe Award: Nick Skinner. Special Award: Zac Dingwall, Ryan Salvador. Others: John Carburnay, Kynan Gard, Kobe Schmidt.


An important day for the boys where they had a chance to cement top spot on the ladder and they certainly didn’t disappoint. From the very start of the game to the very end they played a great 4 quarter game eventually taking the win by 10 goals. Matt “ MM “ Moon was clinical down back taking bulk intercept marks and setting up the boys in the back line. Trent “ Baz “ Barri had a stand out game for the year, he was providing a vital key up forward and dominating the ruck dual, he was in mint form. Louis “ Vuitton “ Lowndes was a machine all day providing plenty of leads up forward and slotting a nice 2 goals himself. Rhys “ The Man “ Brown was in rare form, getting bulk clearances and dominating around stoppages, it was great to see. Ross “ Rocco “ James provided plenty of inside ball to the outside mids and was running all over the ground. Jack “ Love bite “ Hickmott was a machine off the half back line, breaking the lines and setting up scoring opportunities he had an amazing game. Woof Woof #upthe2s

Final Scores: Pyramid Hill 11.11.72 defeated MGYCW 2.4.16

Goals: Louis Lowndes 2, Trent Barri 2, Mitch Dingwall 2, Nathan Moon 2, Rhys Brown 1, Ross James 1, Brad Fawcett 1.

National Hotel Award: Matt Moon. Victoria Hotel Award: Trent Barri. Good Sports Award: Louis Lowndes. Others: Rhys Brown, Ross James, Jack Hickmott, Brad Fawcett.


After inconsistent form over the last couple of weeks the boys were keen to start well and  going into half time we had a 6 point lead, unfortunately though we couldn’t hold onto the lead and we went down by an agonising 8 points. Young Jimmy Sala ran all over the ground, breaking lines and setting up some solid play. Scott “ The Betterman “ Mann was in unbelievable form and could be a smokie for this years B n F. Gavin “ Ego “ James played a very unselfish game, his outstanding leadership throughout the day definitely didn’t go unnoticed. Andrew Dobby was a bull on the inside and all class on the outside, he is an amazing player to watch. Bailey “ Silk “ Goodwin was a smooth operator all day,  he just seemed to have so much time to use the footy and, boy oh boy, did he use it well. Billy “ The Kid “ Micevski was in mint form again this week  getting bulk clearance and dominating the stoppages. Woof Woof #upthe1s

Goals: Steven Gunther 2, Scott Mann 1, Bailey George 1, Braidy Dickens 1, Gav James 1, Matt Klien-Breteler 1, Adrian Holland 1.

Victoria Hotel Award: Jimmy Sala. National Hotel Award: Scott Mann. Others: Gav James, Andrew Dobby, Bailey Goodwin, Billy Micevski, Bailey George, Ben Dalton, Adrian Holland.


The day started with a foggy drive to Maiden Gully but the sun came out to shine at game time for the young Pups with the coach’s spirited encouragement. The first quarter started with the dynamic sister combo of Eloise and Jami in the mid court moving the ball down to the ring where Margarette shot well. The Pups produced beautiful passage of play in the third quarter, moving the ball straight through the middle with flawless passing to Charli waiting in the ring to shoot a perfect goal. It was an enjoyable and fun day for all the Pups playing as a strong team. The awards went to Jamison and Delaney.

UNDER 13’s

It was a tough game for the young Pups but the girls fought hard for the ball the entire game. There was increased effort from the girls as the game went on and it was great to see them use their skills learnt at training. Unfortunately the girls didn’t win, despite the continued effort. The award went to Shamica. Pyramid Hill 13 df by MGYCW 31.

UNDER 15’s

It was a battle of the two top teams at MGYCW and the Dogettes were incredibly pumped for a great game. They came out firing in the first quarter to take a five goal advantage going into the second quarter. Panic had set in with some calls going against the Dogettes as they were rushing and using wrong options when passing, which turned the five goal advantage into a five goal disadvantage. The girls had a lot of work to do, but to their credit, they were able to regain their composure to claw their way back to be equal with the Eagles going into the last quarter. The Dogettes had some beautiful attacking feeds into the ring and capitalised on these to take a two goal lead as the final whistle blew. The girls played out a strong last quarter to take home the win. What a fantastic team effort! Pyramid Hill 47 df MGYCW 45.

UNDER 17’s

A great contest between teams second and third on the ladder saw a fairly even game played with three goals separating them at half time. With a few defensive changes to stop the Eagles’ attacking flow, Liv was welcomed back on court in GK and created numerous turnovers for the Doggies. Going into the last quarter the Doggies were two goals down and unfortunately, the girls’ self-beliefs weren’t there and the Eagles were able to capitalise on this and took away the win. Pyramid Hill 42 df by MGYCW 52.


Katelyn was set to make her comeback and the Ressie girls couldn’t have been more excited. An early injury to Captain Mik, saw Coach Kell take the court. With a few changes made, the girls went into the last half of the game only down 5 down against the Eagles. The Doggies kept up an incredible fight with Jan, Kell and Em combining to keep the pressure on the YC goalers. Dan and Kirra kept running the whole game, leading hard and creating space for the Ressie girls. Tylah and Katelyn kept the goals coming and on the last whistle blow, the Doggies went down by 15 against the top team. Best on was awarded to Katelyn. Pyramid Hill 27 df by MGYCW 42.


The C grade ladies ran onto the court eager to face the Eagles in what was a tough match. With Coach Kell under the weather with a cough and having a run with the C Ressie girls earlier in the day, she maintained her fantastic and consistent defensive pressure against MGYCW. The midcourt star runners Bec and Kelsey worked great together to bring the ball down to the goal ring. Em Murfitt stepped up and had a great run alongside the C grade girls, showcasing her awesome improvement all season. Best on was awarded to Hannah Mullins for her incredibly accurate long range shooting in the goal ring! Pyramid Hill 39 df by MGYCW 62.


The B grade ladies welcomed back Katie to the team which made change in the way the ball was used and fed into goals. In the beginning there was a lot of confidence and accurate goaling by both Katie and Georgia, which saw the Doggies lead by 1 goal at quarter time. There was some quick turnovers to begin the second quarter with Chloe creating great centre court pressure and Chelsea E and Lani worked the ball well down the court after strong rebounding by Bree. Chloe, Chels M and Georgia combined well to create some great attacking play which saw a competitive quarter. Bree never gave up in the last quarter with her defensive play and this got her best on for the game. Well done Bree. The Doggies were unable to take away the win, however the ladies played their best netball thus far and enjoyed the contest. Pyramid Hill 39 df by MGYWC 59.


The A grade ladies started off really well and showed their competitive side against a strong Eagles team. As the first half came to an end, the Doggies began to struggle and the last half of the game saw a tough battle for them against MGYCW. Best on was awarded to Bec McKnight. Pyramid Hill 41 df by MGYCW 86.


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