Round 18 – Pyramid Hill v Newbridge


The young Pups of Pyramid Hill had a very strong start to the last game before finals. The opposition played their best, but the Pups proved themselves to be stronger. With some great defending, the shooters found it difficult alongside the strong wind, but the girls eventually scored well. A great game girls! You deserve to be in finals. The award went to Hayley King. Pyramid Hill 25 df Newbridge 13.


The girls came out of the blocks early, playing like they were ready for finals. At times, the wind conditions tested the girls’ ability, but with consistent options down the court, defensive pressure and beautiful feeding into the ring provided lots of scoring for the Dogettes. The girls continued fantastic court pressure, being able to make changes in the goal ring with no interruptions to the team’s court flow. By the last quarter, the wind had really picked up but the Dogettes continued to play a great game of netball. Pyramid Hill 60 df Newbridge 9.


It took the girls awhile to adapt to the windy conditions and this put a lot of pressure on the goalies, but the second quarter saw better adaption and the game play moved quickly and flow up and down the court made ground to equal Newbridge. Olivia and Jorja applied strong defensive pressure to help support a 3 goal lead against Newbridge at half time. There was a lot of back a forth between defenders on both ends, as shooting became even more difficult with the windy conditions. The last quarter was a fabulous fighting effort by all of the girls! Pyramid Hill 35 df Newbridge 24.


It was a cold day at Mitchell Park, but the Ressie girls took the court keen to get a win to make it into the first round of finals. With some usual faces missing, the girls worked extremely hard with new inclusions, Bec and Em, for the first half. The Newbridge girls were tough competition, but the Ressie ladies made their efforts worth it to come out with a successful win of just 4 points. Consistent pressure and defence from Jan all game landed her with this week’s best on court. Pyramid Hill 34 df Newbridge 30.


It was a tough game for the C grade girls, with freezing cold conditions and heavy rains forcing everyone to stop mid game to find shelter, but they fought hard the entire game. This match saw a great effort by everyone, but unfortunately the result wasn’t what the Pyramid girls had hoped for on their last game of the season, but a fun year it was with a fantastic and fun group of girls! The award for best on went to Kelsey, for her consistency and determination. Pyramid Hill 14 df by Newbridge 26.


In the final game of the season, the B grade girls took to the court against Newbridge, looking for another win. The defending duo, Lani and Bree, worked tirelessly against Newbridge’s agile and accurate goalers. Hannah ‘Can Play Anywhere’ Mullins, Georgia ‘USA-Pyramid Hill-Hilltop Hoods in the space of 24 hours’ Bartels and Katey ‘We Needed You All Season’ Cutlack, combined nicely down the attacking end. At half time, Grace ‘Young Gun’ Broderick came on and provided some fresh legs through the mid court, working well with Chelsea ‘BOG’ Emmerson and Chloe ‘Never Stops’ Broderick. In the final quarter, the Newbridge side were too strong and took the game out convincingly. Pyramid Hill 23 df by Newbridge 47.


Both Pyramid and Newbridge came out firing for the first quarter in cold and windy conditions, creating ample opportunities for turnovers as soon as the first whistle blew. In the second quarter, the heavens opened up and the game came to a halt until the rain passed. The blustery conditions slowed the last half of the game, making game play clumsy and slow. Newbridge proved to be too good for Pyramid on the day. Best on was awarded to Hayley Hipwell. Pyramid Hill 23 df by Newbridge 46.

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